Based in Toronto, I have travelled the world, raised a family and always incorporated art into my life. I have hitchhiked across Canada disguised as a boy, played a Zither solo at a concert in California, taught English to gun-toting security agents in Mexico, learned to cook as the chef in a nightclub in Portugal, drove 16,000 km in 5 weeks with a friend, from South America to Toronto to raise money for victims of domestic violence.

My involvement with the Burning Man community has allowed me to collaborate with other artists and events. I was mentored by Surrealists and am inspired by strange juxtapositions that lead to Convulsive Beauty.

I regard everyday as a new opportunity to get it right.

My art began as two-dimensional collages that gradually grew off the page. I was frustrated with working flat and began adding found objects to my collages and enclosing them in boxes. I became fascinated with finding and incorporating the right pieces. Each box tells not only the story I am telling but also the story projected by the viewer.

In addition to work in multi-media assemblage, I have also published poetry, short stories and written and performed in art productions in California and Portugal.

I work with wooden and paper boxes of all sizes and though the subject matter is often dark, I try to keep a sense of whimsy. Through the study of Surrealism, I learned how unexpected juxtapositions can be powerful catalyst for revealing beauty.
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